APC G5 Power Conditioners

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Protect your AV system with APCs G-Type Power Filter. This 15-Amp 9-outlet G5 eliminates power abnormalities such as surges or EMI/RFI that threaten your home theater components and computer. LED status indicators help you quickly understand the unit and power status. Multiple mounting methods allows for standardization on one product for use in different environments.

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Behringer Electronic Crossover and APC G5 Filter

The Super X is making life easier for my 3 way tri-amped OBs. I'm using the two way section for my Neo3 planar tweeters and Eminence Beta 12LTA. The bass woofers are powered and controled by the Dayton amps built in crossover. The Behringer even has a sub output but I doubt I'll ever use it. Getting ... Read More »


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