Thomson Rip & Go(TM) Shelf System w/iPod(R) Dock (RS2120I) MP3 Accessories

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Sorry, no link. Rolling Stone reported JJ Cale dies at age 74Read More »

RIP Dennis Farina

Some poeple will remember him as Detective Joe Fontana on TV show Law & Order, yet his most memorable charactors comes from movies. Charactors such as mobster Jimmy Serrano in [I]Midnight Run[/I] with Robert Deniro, and Ray Barboni in [I]Get Shorty. [/I]He died of cancer on monday at age 69. RIP :( ... Read More »

RIP Andy Johns.

He isn't a household name like many others we honor on Rave Recs, but he was an engineer and producer on some of the best records in the history of rock, including Exile on Main Street and Marquee Moon, along with some Led Zep and Jimi Hendrix. [url] ... Read More »

RIP Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello starred with Frankie Avalon in a series of "Beach Party" movies in the 1960s. She moved from Mouseketeer ears to a "Beach Party" bikini to fame with a new generation for selling peanut butter and gently poking fun at her own image. And in the end, she faced the biggest tes ... Read More »

RIP Jason Molina

Not much else to say, just seemed like it should be acknowledged here. One of my favorite songwriters and creators of beautiful, haunting sonic atmospheres. I'll spin Didn't It Rain in his honor tonite. [url=]Jason Molina, RIP[/url]Read More »


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