SDI iHome™ iH52B for Apple iPod (047532889178) MP3 Accessories

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Product Description

The iHome iH52B Bookshelf System for iPods with AM/FM Radio (Black) is a home stereo for your iPod that delivers a full-size sound from a compact system. The iHome Bookshelf not only allows you to listen to all your favorite tunes from your iPod in rich, stereo sound, but lets you listen to your favorite radio stations as well, all with the comfort of a full-function remote so you never have to leave your couch. The iHome iH52B has a built-in, large 3-line LCD that doesn't just allow you to navigate through radio stations, but can also be used to display your iPod's current song information. This unit has a built-in, external antenna that lets you listen to both AM and FM radio stations when you feel the need for something new, and allows you to program up to six station presets for each band. The iH52B's radio features automatic frequency control, PLL (phase locked loop) digital tuning, and radio frequency and volume displays.

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