Sakar Roll & Go Flexible USB Charging Station MP3 Accessories

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Flexible charging station is made up of silicone to protect mobile devices. Uses a single power source for energy efficiency. Charge up to 4 devices with included USB and AC plugs. Includes charging adapters for 30-pin iPod®, microUSB and miniUSB.

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The "Kid" Mitchell Band - Rock and Roll Duty

Kim Mitchell (Max Webster, The Kim Mitchell Band) is a DJ at our local classic rock station, Q107. In the fall they had a contest to find talented young musicians to become The "Kid" Mitchell Band. They had to submit an audition tape playing Kim's song Rock and Roll Duty. This video is the outcome. ... Read More »

Question, is Rock and Roll, too "Broad" a term?

After watching and re-watching the HBO RnR Hall of fame 25th Anniversay special its easy to point out all the genres, sub-genres and legends omitted, missed, left out. I know we didn't see every performance nor the entire show BUT one thing is obvious, RnR means a great many different things to a gr ... Read More »

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Special

This is one of the things HBO does BEST!!!! 4 hours of almost non-stop music that never failed to entertain. Yeah, some clunkers here and there, missed changes on so many easy songs, but all in all a prettty wonderful night. It'll be rebroadcast for a while, check it out. WorfRead More »

Who needs the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame when... can have this! [url][/url] There are tons of them and it's really worth a few minutes of your time. I liked so many but the one where the caption says something like 'after practicing all the rocker poses, Jeremy fi ... Read More »

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