Sakar Roll & Go Flexible USB Charging Station MP3 Accessories

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Flexible charging station is made up of silicone to protect mobile devices. Uses a single power source for energy efficiency. Charge up to 4 devices with included USB and AC plugs. Includes charging adapters for 30-pin iPod®, microUSB and miniUSB.

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Question, is Rock and Roll, too "Broad" a term?

After watching and re-watching the HBO RnR Hall of fame 25th Anniversay special its easy to point out all the genres, sub-genres and legends omitted, missed, left out. I know we didn't see every performance nor the entire show BUT one thing is obvious, RnR means a great many different things to a gr ... Read More »

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Special

This is one of the things HBO does BEST!!!! 4 hours of almost non-stop music that never failed to entertain. Yeah, some clunkers here and there, missed changes on so many easy songs, but all in all a prettty wonderful night. It'll be rebroadcast for a while, check it out. WorfRead More »

Who needs the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame when... can have this! [url][/url] There are tons of them and it's really worth a few minutes of your time. I liked so many but the one where the caption says something like 'after practicing all the rocker poses, Jeremy fi ... Read More »

I'm ready to ROLL!! (?)

Tube aficionados, I hope you're with me now. My Sonic Frontiers Line 1 preamp arrived yesterday. I installed the six, standard, Sovtek 6922 tubes, and hooked it up. It's working just fine. :cornut: This a sweet unit functionally: full-function; remote control; fully balanced outputs; and fairly hand ... Read More »

Roll Bounce

I picked up this movie (Roll bounce) this weekend along with Cinderella Man. to my surprise I really enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with this flick. I was not much into roller skating that much, but I due remember going serveral times a year with friends. The langange was right on the m ... Read More »

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