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Product Image
JBL On Stage 400P Portable Speakers
0 Reviews
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MSRP  249.95
Description: Your music, the JBL way. Clean, powerful sound with lots of bass punch. It's what JBL audio components have been delivering for more than 60 years. The JBL On Stage 400P system puts all that experience to work in a loudspeaker dock for your iPod, iPhone or any music source with an audio jack. Four Odyssey full-range drivers and an AtlasTM woofer in a single compact enclosure bring accurate, high-output sound to virtually any bookshelf or tabletop. And a smart remote puts you in control of your music library from across the room. There are plenty of docks for iPod out there, but this is the one that only JBL engineers could build.  -High Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPod and iPhone with Subwoofer


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