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CD Player saying 'no disc" after cleaning laser.

I've just bought a Rotel CD-991 and it frequently skipped (or at least lost sound for a moment) during playback. It did it at some point with almost every disc I tried although all discs played perfectly for 99+% of the time. Replaying a track after a skip would not produce a skip at the original sk ... Read More »

CD player recommendation

Hi fellows I'm currently using my old marantz CD5001 with rotel ra-1062 amp and paradigm reference studio 20 speakers. I'm looking to obviously upgrade the player since I feel this is the main weak link in the system. I'm thinking the following models. 1) marantz CD6005 2) Cambridge audio azur ... Read More »

The TEAC CD-H750 cd player looks mighty fine to me?

I'm intrigued with the new TEAC CD-H750 cd player. I like its compact size, machined aluminum front and side plates, BurrBrown PCM1791A dac, iphone/ipod compatibility to pull a digital signal from them and use internal dac to decode, and ability to record to usb memory. [url=http://hifiheaven.net ... Read More »

CD player says "NO DISC"

When I load a CD into my player is says 'NO DISC'. Is this more likely to be the laser (which I can see doing its normal flash of light when the disc loads) or might it be the circuit board that drives the transport?Read More »

CD player pauses spontaneously.

I have a Panasonic RP 91 CD/DVD player that I use only as a CD player. It sounds excellent. It will suddenly pause while playing a CD, wait about 15 seconds, and then resume playing in the correct place. This happens very randomly and does not seem to be disc specific nor at a particular place on ... Read More »


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