Tascam CD Player & Cassette Recorder Shelf System Mini Systems

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CD player says "NO DISC"

When I load a CD into my player is says 'NO DISC'. Is this more likely to be the laser (which I can see doing its normal flash of light when the disc loads) or might it be the circuit board that drives the transport?Read More »

CD player pauses spontaneously.

I have a Panasonic RP 91 CD/DVD player that I use only as a CD player. It sounds excellent. It will suddenly pause while playing a CD, wait about 15 seconds, and then resume playing in the correct place. This happens very randomly and does not seem to be disc specific nor at a particular place on ... Read More »

Question About a CD Player for My System

I have the following stereo gear: Boston Acoustics CS26 bookshelf speakers Sony SA-W2500 subwoofer Technical Pro PRE-B5050 preamp AudioSource Amp One/A power amp Sony DVP-NS315 DVD player (used only to play CD's). I am considering upgrading the CD player. I am considering these: Onkyo C7030 Yam ... Read More »

No more cd player reviews!

James Darby of Stereomojo recently announced that he will no longer be reviewing cd players...I felt compelled to respond: [Mark this message as unread] [Delete this message] [Keep this message at the top of your inbox] 10/23/12 Reply ▼ Roy Young To [email]publisher@stereomojo.com ... Read More »

cambridge cd player external dac

I have a cambridge audio 640 cd player ([url=http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.php?PID=30]Azur 640C the reviewers’ favourite CD player![/url]) and am not getting a signal from the right channel anymore. The optical output works fine but my myryad pre amp does not have optical inputs so t ... Read More »

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