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Product Image
Sony Lbt-lcd7di Audio Shelf System
0 Reviews
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MSRP  418.00
Description: Keep your guests entertained for hours with the stylish LBT-LCD77Di Sony shelf system. Charge, play and control your iPod, listen to CDs or dial in radio programming. Equipped with a 7 LCD screen and 3-disc DVD/CD player, you can even watch movies. In addition to 420 total Watts, this Sony system comes with a karaoke feature that allows you to sing along to your favorite tunes. For those with limited space, the Sony LBT-LCD77Di is a relatively tiny desktop or shelf system that's set for entertainment from radio, to DVD/CD player (changer for up to 3 discs), Karaoke, and an iPod dock. 3-Way speakers use a hybrid woofer system to deliver rich, deep sound that virtually matches much larger sound systems. The 7 LCD is perfect for Karaoke and video views from DVD.Where available space is certainly no frontier, this mini system from Sony maximizes your space with optimal entertainment.


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