Sharp CD BA1600 Mini System Mini Systems

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Product Description

- 50 Watts per Channel Amplifier - big sound for superior sound and hi-fi performance.
- Multi Color Fluorescent Display - keeps you informed of all the functions your system is using.
- 6-Mode Pre-programmed Electronic Equalizer with X-BASS System - automatically applies equalization to the type of music you are listening to X-Bass increases the bass sounds for a fuller, heavy sound.
- Electronic Volume Control - automatically increase or decrease the volume with a touch of a button.
- 3-CD Drawer Changer - lets you load 3 CD's in your unit at one time for continuous play.
- 32-Track APMS for CD - let's you listen to only those songs you want to hear.
- CD Random and Repeat Playback - allows you to listen to your favorite CD over and over or let the unit decide and playback tracks in any order.
- Full-Logic Double Cassette Deck - gives remote control of your cassette deck functions.

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