Aiwa NSX-DS8 Mini Systems

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Product Description

Aiwa's NSX-DS8 mini-system delivers honest-to-goodness Dolby Digital sound along with the all the amplification and speakers necessary to get a basic home theater up and running. This futuristically styled mini-system just needs a TV and a DVD player or VCR to complete a budget home theater. The NSX-DS8's internal processor decodes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound. The digital signal processor provides five surround modes for music, including Hall, Stadium and Dance Club. There's also a graphic EQ (equalizer) with five presets and five user-definable settings, as well as a 3-position bass boost for those who want to pump up the sound to a level that tests their endurance. The system's amplifier section provides 30 watts of power to each of the main three-way speakers, 34 watts to the center channel, 33 watts to the two rear-surround satellites and an earth-shaking 90 watts to the subwoofer. Woof, woof! The NSX-DS8 features a 3-disc changer, a dual-well cassette decks and an AM/FM tuner. The CD changer is programmable and has a random function. The cassette deck is full-logic (like Mr. Spock), and the AM/FM tuner has 32 presets. Like its Aiwa siblings, the NSX-DS8 has an optical digital output for those who like to dub to MiniDisc.

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