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Nakamichi SoundSpace 21 A
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Description: The SoundSpace 21 control center is housed in a slim, floor-standing enclosure with elegant rosewood finish panels. It contains Nakamichi's 5-disc MusicBank DVD/CD Changer and system control buttons on a logically organized touch panel. The main unit can be placed in a room without conventional audio racks or equipment stands. Matched with the loudspeakers, it forms a center piece of sophisticated and elegant system design. <br><br>Nakamichi's proprietary MusicBank system serves in SoundSpace 21 as both a DVD and CD changer. It permits direct loading or the changing of discs without the use of a tray or magazine. You simply open a motor-driven panel to reveal the DVD/CD loading slot and insert discs one by one into internal storage, where they remain ready for playback. As many as five DVDs, video CDs or audio CDs can be stored together and viewed or heard as desired, in any order. The main unit's front panel design features simplicity of operation and control of all the systems functions. A large, illuminated LCD panel display presents information on the system's operating status.


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