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Wolverine MVP-9120 (120 GB) Digital Media Player
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Description: Don''t limit your portable entertainment possibilities and get the most where ever you go. MVP is Most Valuable Player and this player is truly an MVP. The world''s largest capacity multimedia player is waiting for you. Wolverine''s MVP-9120 stores up to 120GB of MP3 audio, MP4 video, and a whole assortment of photo files. It even has a built-in Memory card reader that reads up to seven different card formats. You can pull a card straight out of your Digital camera (or Cell Phone with an Optional adapter) and pop it into the MVP-9120. Stylish and compact at 5.04"x 3.01"x1.2" (LxWxH) and 10 ounces, this pocketable player features a high-resolution Color 2.5-inch color screen that''s compatible with both PALand NTSC media. It also has a built-in digital voice recorder. Files may be transferred in and out from Analog line and USB 2.0 Windows PC and Macintosh computers. A built-in Rechargeable Battery can play up to 8 hours of Music or over 3 hours of video per charge.


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