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Product Image
Transcend T.Sonic 520 (2GB) MP3 Player
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Description: With an attractive elegant design, stylish color schemes and a mirrored faceplate that doubles as a vanity mirror, the compact Transcend T.sonic 520 is the perfect MP3 player for the style conscious user. When you turn on Transcend T.sonic 520, its color OLED display magically appears from the behind of the classy mirrored front and the simple-to-use jog-wheel controller allows you to effortlessly navigate the on-screen icons. Transcend T.sonic 520 comes with an impressive list of extra features as standard, including a FM radio, digital voice recorder, karaoke-type lyrics display, line-in recording, and flash drive storage. When you combine the functions of the A-B repeat and adjustable playback speeds, you have an ideal tool for learning new languages. In addition, Transcend T.sonic 520 runs on a single AAA battery, so you have the convenience of taking it anywhere and not worrying about recharging. Transcend T.sonic 520 is the perfect music makeover for fashionable fans of MP3.


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