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Product Image
TDK Mojo CD MP3 Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  129.99
Description: Dubbed MOJO for the magic it adds to the portable music experience, the device combines the economy and unlimited storage capacity of CD-based MP3 players with the navigational flexibility of expensive solid-state and hard-disk based devices.The key to MOJO's enhanced functionality is TDK's exclusive Navitrack navigation technology (patent pending), which enables MOJO to quickly read and sort the music ID information contained in each MP3 file. In just a few seconds, Navitrack scans every music file on an MP3-CD and displays this information on MOJO's bright, backlit 4-line LCD screen. Find the music you want to hear by Artist, Album, Song Title and Musical Genre?.MOJO's navigation keys make it fast and easy. Equally exciting, MOJO is the first portable CD-MP3 player to allow users to create custom playlists. And MOJO remembers playlists created for up to five CD-MP3 discs.Unlike power hogging hard-disk based MP3 devices, MOJO plays for up to 10 hours on two high capacity AA batteries. MOJO's superior play time capability is the result of advanced power management circuitry that fills the unit's anti-shock memory buffer with up to eight minutes of MP3 music, then pauses the CD drive motor to conserve energy.


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