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Product Image
NEC  Nomad MuVo NX 128 MB
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  129.77
Description: Carry hours of WMA or MP3 digital music entertainment with you anywhere and experience superb sound quality. With 128MB or 256MB of skip-free flash memory and included sports armband and case, the NOMAD MuVo NX is designed for flawless performance during exercise and other rigorous activity. Simply attach the NOMAD MuVo NX to any PC with the built-in USB connector and drag-and-drop your music files between your PC storage and the NOMAD MuVo NX. You can use it to carry documents, photos and any other data files between PCs at home, work or on the road. Use the handy built-in mic to record hours of voice messages, notes and conversations. The high-resolution backlit LCD provides full track information (ID3 tags), access to custom settings and allows folder navigation with the conveneient rocker button. Comes with two colored battery packs. Load it, snap it and go!


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