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Kanguru Media X-Change Pro 100 GB MP3 Player
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Description: The Media X Change Pro is a portable digital storage device capable of downloading and storing data from most media cards without the use of a computer! Simply fill up your media card, then insert card into the Media X-change Pro and copy the data with the press of a button. You can use the verify function to ensure all of you photos and data have successfully transferred. Once finished, you can re-use the card over and over without ever connecting to a computer. You can even playback your MP3 or WMA files, and even tune into FM stations! When connected to a PC or Mac, the Media X-change Pro doubles as a portable USB hard drive and as a multi format card reader! A rechargeable battery pack, custom carry case and small, lightweight design make the Media X-change Pro the perfect accessory for digital photography and mobile users.


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