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Product Image
Emerson BAR901 MP3 Player
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  50.00
Description: Emerson's Barbie MP3 player is a great way for girls to listen to their favorite music while showing off their favorite icon. This MP3 player is easy for any young girl to use with the direct USB plug making it easy to connect directly to computer and download music without having to search for USB cord. MP3 Player is capable of playing WMA files as well as MP3 files. Player has a LCD display with a blue backlight making it easy to read track artist, title, track number and countdown. Girls can enjoy the fun of singing their favorite songs and recording them onto player, allowing them to share their talents with friends and parents. Player operates on one AAA battery(not included) that gives player seven hours of playback time. MP3 player comes with earphones, USB cable, and CD-Rom.


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