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Product Image
Delkin Revel MP3 Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  30.00
Description: Delkin Devices Inc., makers of premium quality digital photography products and accessories announced the newest competitor to the MP3 wars, the Revel™. The Revel MP3 player, bundled with a Delkin Device’s Secure Digital card, is the newest alternative to high priced MP3 players lacking removable media. With a sleek black modern exterior and a portable square shaped body that fits into your pocket, the Revel provides you with ultimate style and portability. It can hold over 600 songs on one SD card, and can run for hours before the single AAA battery needs to be replaced. The Revel is small, light, stylish, and most importantly, inexpensive. By removing an LCD screen or hard drive, the Revel keeps its cost down while remaining extremely functional and sleek.


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