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Product Image
D-Link DMP-120 64 MB MP3 Player
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Description: The DMP-120 is a USB MP3 Audio Player with voice recording capability. It comes with 64 MB of total onboard flash memory enabling 60 minutes of continuous digital music playtime. The DMP-120 can also be used with external Smart Media Card memory. Unit memory can be expanded to a total of 128 MB, enabling up to 135 minutes of music play or several hours of voice quality audio. ??The DMP-120 boasts a friendly graphical interface and a large informative LCD display, allowing the user to easily access the multiple functions of the player. MP3 files can be downloaded from a PC to the DMP-120 using the integrated USB port. USB provides a full 12 Mbps of bandwidth to allow music file transfers at blistering speeds. The DMP-120's lightweight, solid-state design provides a jitter free music environment. Two AAA batteries will give you 10 hours of listening enjoyment.??The D-Link MP3 Manager program easily allows the user to download MP3 files from the Internet to store on the local hard drive, which then can be tra...


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