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Product Image
D-Link DMP-100 32 MB MP3 Player
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Description: The D-Link DMP-100 is a state of the art MP3 player with an integrated voice recorder. You can listen to your favorite tunes while on the go. And with no moving parts, your music will never skip. It comes with a full 32 MB of memory built in. You can even add an optional 32 MB memory card and double that time! The DMP-100 provides the highest fidelity sound, it evens features a tunable equalizer. The integrated voice recorder will let you record ideas, memos, or even full lectures - it can literally store hours! With download and upload capabilities, not only will it store your favorite MP3s, but it's a great way to store any Windows files and transfer them between two computers. It will even save your recordings to your PC as a wave file. With 32Mb of on-board memory, the DMP-100 can deliver over an hour's worth of digital-quality music and other recordings utilizing the popular MP3 standard. Its voice recorder records over 2 hours of digital-quality audio through a built-in microphone. It can also double...


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