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Product Image
Compaq iPaq PM-1
0 Reviews
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MSRP  227.50
Description: When it comes to portable audio for today's music listener, size definitely matters. That's why Compaq is proud to introduce the Compaq iPAQ Personal Mini-CD Player PM-1. REady to play a standard mini-CD or mini-CD-R, the iPAQ PM-1 can pump out 80 tracks from a disk that's 40% smaller than a standard CD. That's up to 6 hours of music burned to disk in MP3 and WMA audio formats. In short, the iPAQ PM-1 is the perfect pint-sized portable with a tiny price tag. Standard Features Plays mini-CD-R or conventional mini-CDs With mini-CD-R capacity, listeners can enjoy up to 80 songs or 6 hours (180 MB) of audio from a single disk Comes with 3 blank mini-CD-R disks Includes popular, easy-to-use MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 and Windows Media Player 7 software Features five equalizer modes and a large LCD display Easy Super Selector navigation button for fast song selection by song title or artist Connects to your home stereo system AC adapter helps prolong batter life.


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