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Product Image
Archos PMA430 MP3 Player
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Description: Archos raised the bar for personal video players (PVPs) with last year's Pocket Video Recorder AV420. Now, with the Archos Pocket Media Assistant PMA430, the company raises it even further, this time by adding a touch screen and a Linux operating system to the mix. The result is a device that tries to be as practical as it is fun--and it almost succeeds. The $800 PMA430 retains the AV420's superlative design while incorporating an even more amazing roster of features, including Wi-Fi, a Web browser, games, and a PDA's worth of PIM functions. Of course, don't forget the already-stellar movie, music, and photo features, most of which have been improved courtesy of the new OS. In short, this is one awe-inspiring, envy-producing device. To get it, however, you'll have to drain your wallet and live with less-than-perfect performance.


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