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Product Image
Archos Jukebox AV140 (40 GB) Digital Media Player
0 Reviews
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Description: Excellent little device that not only is an mp3 player, but it also records mp3 format and allows you to store video from Internet or direct from a TV, Video, DVD source.. AMAZING and portable.. With a PDA battery extender, that will prolong the battery life. Both times I have called customer service at Archos USA, BOTH times I got a response that day! So people who complain I suspect highly for slander. The things got a year warranty and u have a choice to buy an extended warranty when you buy it.. There is nothing like it on the market (except other Archos products)and If u r thinkin Lyra by RCA, forget it! that has copyright protection so you wont be able to record from DVD or video without the headache of a descrambler. Awesome infinity!


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