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Saitek TRITTON Sound Bite; Portable USB Digital Speaker System - TRI-UA212 TRI-UA212
0 Reviews
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MSRP  35.00
Description: Sound Bite Xtreme USB 2.1 Portable Speaker...The TRITTON Sound Bite Xtreme expands on our popular Sound Bite by adding an MP3 input, headphone jack, and separate volume control. The 2.1 audio system incorporates two satellite speakers and a built in subwoofer providing rich, full spectrum sound that typical laptop speakers are unable to achieve. The convenient MP3 input and independent volume control make connecting other audio sources a breeze. Laptop users will appreciate the convenient portable design and desktop users can minimize power cords and maximize desktop space by using the Sound Bite Xtreme. Simply plug it in and let the concert begin. No batteries, power adapters, or software installation required.


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