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Product Image
JWIN iLuv iSP100 Mini Portable Stereo Speakers Speaker System
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MSRP  35.00
Description: To ear or not to ear? Generally, that isn't the question. If you've an iPod or any other digital media player, you've the privilege to choose whether you want to listen with earphones or with a speaker. A speaker may be preferred when you're lounging around or when you want to share your tunes with friends. The Jwin iSP100 Ultra Portable Stereo Speaker is a simple-to-use solution. It has built-in full-range speakers that let you to hear your music with depth and clarity. The iSP100 operates using only three AAA batteries. A power indicator light lets you know when it is on and ready. It's compatible with any analog or digital audio device that has a 3.5mm jack. A protective carry pouch is included. This is just the thing your iPod or other audio player needs.


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