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Product Image
ilive IHT3817DT Studio Series Speaker Dock with 2.1 Channel Sound System and Remote Control Speaker System for iPod...
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MSRP  225.00
Description: The iHT3817DT Flat Panel Speaker in the Studio Series, featuring a motorized iPod docking drawer and AM/FM Radio, consists of two self-contained high-performance, high-power speaker enclosures featuring True 3D sound, SRS acoustical enhancement and 2.1 speaker systems with a built-in subwoofer. The unit features high-power amplification, a stereo auxiliary input and AV outputs for connecting to an external AV system. When not in docking mode, the remote controlled motorized iPod dock disappears at the touch of a button. The system also features an enhanced remote control for advanced iPod control and a full function clock. The speaker is designed to sit on the tabletop mount or be mounted on the wall with a flat panel TV using the included wall mount bracket.


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