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Product Image
Hasbro iDog (653569097976) Speaker System
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Description: iDog, the little dog with the big sound. iDog rocks to your music. When you plug it in, it plays your music too. With a built-in speaker, a distinct array of moods and a personality that changes with the music you "give" it, iDog is a faithful music companion. The included dual connector cable plugs into most music player so you can play tunes through iDog. Listen to your music through your Headphones while iDog rocks out or simply place it near a speaker and watch iDog move and groove to the beat. Flashing LED lights change Color depending on the type of music you play. Changing light patterns respond to your touch or the amount of music to express moods ranging from loneliness to pure pup ecstasy. Compatible with most portable and non-portable music players.


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