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Product Image
Contour Design 01412-0 Flick Case for iPod Touch 2G - Black
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  29.00
Description: Searching for a case that's stylish and protective, yet easy to use? Then slide your iPhone 3G into the Contour Flick and flick it closed. iPhone 3G need a quick re-charge? No problem. Flick open the case and dock the iPhone without taking it out. Once it's charged, grab it off the dock and flick it closed. Want to upload the latest album or movie? Just flick open the case. iPhone dirty? Yep, flick it open and slide it out. Introducing the Contour Flick, because technology's already tough enough to use. From the streamlined, low profile design to the slide and flick mechanics of the case, the Flick could not get any easier or natural to use. Consisting of only two lightweight polycarbonate pieces joined by a recessed rubber hinge, the Contour Flick is as simple as it gets. Just slide it and flick it. The Contour Flick, re-writing the manual on case technology.


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