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Product Image
Coby Migws2-s Mutant Ws2-s Black Outdoor Speakers Speaker System
0 Reviews
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MSRP  126.00
Description: Mutant MIG-WS2-S Deluxe Weather Resistant Wireless Outdoor Stereo Speaker System The Mutant MIG-WS2-S allows you to enjoy with no worries about wiring. These weather resistant speakers can be placed outside for a backyard BBQ or a swimming pool party, or simply to enjoy anytime outdoors. Compatible with almost any audio source, such as your stereo system, mp3 player, CD player, computer or television. Any device that has a 3.5mm output jack will work perfectly with the MIG-WS2-S. A blue LED lighted transparent base adds a night time ambiance. Exclusive auto tune circuit scans for the best possible signal reception with one touch operation. The automatic sleep mode extends playtime when using batteries as the power source. Soft touch control panel with individual volume controls. The included remote control allows you to control this speaker system from the comfort of your chair. A recessed carrying handle allows the MIG-WS2-S to be easily transported.


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