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Product Image
Audiovox RCA RS3081i CD Music System Docking Station for iPhone and iPod (Black)
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MSRP  114.00
Description: Share the music on your iPod or iPhone using the RS3081i sound system by RCA. This full-sized stereo system features full-range speakers with two full-range stereo speakers with 10 Watts each. Once you hear your music on this stereo system, you’ll be spoiled forever. The universal dock for iPod and iPhone plays and charges your iPod/iPhone as it’s docked. Use the audio line-in to connect other external audio sources and listen to your favorite CDs on the CD player. Enjoy the local morning radio show using the digital FM radio with PLL tuner and station presets. You can even use the RS3081i as your personal timer with the wake to radio, CD, and iPod function. Remote control included.


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