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Product Image
Archos Fm Remote Remote Control (501223) for Generation 06
0 Reviews
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MSRP  25.00
Description: Video did not kill the radio star! Widen the useability of your Archos player by adding the Archos FM Remote with built-in FM receiver to listen to radio anywhere. Wherever you go youâ??ve got music on your Internet Media Tablet. Sometimes you may simply not have any internet connection this little inconvenience shouldn't prevent you from listening to the radio when youâ??re out in the country side hiking or biking. Thatâ??s where the FM remote comes in handy. The features don't stop there! The FM remote also allows you to record directly from the radio into a standard digital format so that even if you canâ??t download a podcast or if you want to enjoy the slience in the woods you can still listen to your favorite showâ?¦ And conveniently you can also make vocal memo recordings with the built-in microphone. Just in case you would forget to bring milk on the way back home.


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