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Archos (500533) Cable, FM Transmitter for Gmini™ Series
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Description: Recording off the radio directly into MP3 could not be simpler by using the FM Radio & Remote Control. Connect it to your Gmini series to play your favorite MP3 songs or listen to the FM radio in stereo, quickly find your selected station with the tuner and press REC to start recording off the radio directly into your device. Too late! You pressed REC after the song started. Not a problem with the retro-record buffer. This allows you to record the 30 seconds previous to pressing REC. And when you are done recording you can even edit any unwanted beginnings out of your recording. Now you want to record a memo: switch off the radio, press REC to start recording using the built-in microphone. Capture thousands of hours of voice recording: meetings or ideas that come to mind while on the go. Everything will be stored onto the Gmini hard disk. Finally the Remote Control function allows you to operate your device easily through fast forward, rewind, play/pause/skip and volume control. Take this tiny add-on with you


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