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Product Image
Apple iPod touch 3rd Generation (8 GB) Digital Media Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  237.00
Description: iPod Touch lets you enjoy everything you love about an iPod, and then some. Watch your movies and TV shows on a brilliant 3.5-inch display. Use the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface to flick through your music in Cover Flow. And anytime you’re itching for more entertainment, just tap iTunes to browse and buy on the fly.FEATURES: A Great Portable Game Player - Immerse yourself in games made for iPod touch. A great pocket computer - Surf the web. Get rich HTML email including attachments that looks the same as it does on your computer. A great iPod -  Pioneering technology and a brilliant 3.5-inch screen bring an amazing experience to your music, movies, and more. Genius Mixes - This feature acts as your personal DJ, searching your iTunes library to find songs that go great together, then organizing them into mixes you’ll love. All automatically.


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