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Product Image
Tannoy iw6 TDC
0 Reviews
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MSRP  185.00
Description: The Tannoy iw6 DS is a full bandwidth in wall speaker system, using a 165mm (6.50) bass and mid-range driver and a 25mm (1.00) WideBand™ high frequency unit, designed for installation into standard stud partition wall systems. It may also be used in cavity wall installations constructed with standard thickness drywall as well as a wide range of other wall construction types with a surface thickness of up to 25mm (1.00”) <ul> <li>Dual Concentric driver</li> <li>Main mid/bass driver</li> <li>Single point source</li> <li>‘Sweet spot’</li> <li>Gold plated spring loaded terminals</li> </ul>


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