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Product Image
Pyle PDIW67
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  163.00
Description: The Pyle Pro PDIW67 6.5 2-Way In-Wall Speaker Pair (With Directional Tweeter) features two indoor speakers that can be mounted flush in either the wall or ceiling. The PDIW67 is perfect for playing music or voice and features 360W of power and 4-8 Ohms of impedance. <ul> <li>6.5'' long Throw Woofer</li> <li>1'' High Temperature Voice Coil</li> <li>1'' Titanium Dome Tweeter</li> <li>360 Watts Rated Peak Power</li> <li>Frequency Response: 65Hz - 22 KHz</li> </ul>


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