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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation CM5MP
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  225.00
Description: These multipurpose ceiling-mount speakers give you great sound while leaving your walls and floors free for your furnishings. Rustproof aluminum grilles and moisture- and UV-resistance makes the CM5MP speaker as good a choice for a protected patio or shower as it is for halls, bedrooms, or a kitchen! <p /> Each CM5MP speaker features a 5-1/4" talc-filled polypropylene woofer, for satisfyingly full lows. The 3/4" ultra-wide dispersion Kaladex tweeter pivots up to 20 degrees, so you can aim the sound toward your listeners. Baffle-mounted bass and treble adjustment switches give the speakers even more flexibility by letting you fine-tune the sound after the speakers are installed. <p /> Key Features: <p /> <ul> <li>5-1/4" woofer</li> <li>3/4" Kaladex tweeter</li> <li>tweeter pivots up to 20 degrees</li> <li>recommended amplifier power: 5 to 60 watts</li> <li>frequency response 75-20,000 Hz (±4dB)</li> <li>sensitivity 90 dB</li> <li>6-ohm impedance</li> <li>dimensions: 8-1/4" diameter</li> <li>cutout dimensions: 7-1/16" diameter</li> <li>depth above ceiling: 4-3/4" (assumes 1/2" sheetrock)</li> <li>spring-loaded push terminals (accomodate 12- to 20-gauge speaker wire)</li> <li>rustproof aluminum grilles</li> <li>moisture- and UV-resistant</li> <li>white finish</li> <li>easy-flip tab mounting system</li> <li>warranty: 5 years</li> </ul>


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