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Product Image
Klipsch SS-1 Rear Speaker
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Description: By definition, synergy is a "combined action or operation" and by application, the new Klipsch Synergy Series is a line of products that combine to provide truly remarkable home theater and two-channel reproduction. The defining feature of the Klipsch Synergy Series is new K-101 5.25" square Tractrix Horn, which provides higher efficiency and lower distortion. Its consistent 90° X 60° coverage pattern delivers realistic spatial imaging, smooth and neutral musical reproduction and minimal sonic coloration. All models feature cloth grilles, with the floor standing models distinguished by a "floating grille' design. This suspended grille works to minimize sonic reflections - a feature that benefits form as well as function. Redefining system integration, the new SS-1 surrounds feature matching horns and drivers to deliver a seamless, coherent sound field for optimal performance with the latest 5.1 digital formats.


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