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Product Image
Klipsch SCW In Wall System II
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MSRP  799.00
Description: SCW2 Klipsch Custom Series architectural speakers are engineered using the latest materials and technology to deliver superior performance and value. The versatile, easy-to-install SCW-2 is an excellent choice for distributed-music systems and other applications requiring unobtrusive, high-quality loudspeakers, especially where good low frequency output is desired. SCW-2s can work well as surround speakers in home theater systems, for example. In addition, their sound blends well with that of other Klipsch speakers of all varieties, from smaller in-ceilings like the SCR-1 to big floorstanders. With its rigid, low-resonance castpolymer frame and 6.5-inch injection-molded graphite cone, the SCW-2's woofer delivers bass so rich and full that people often think it must be coming from a big freestanding speaker. The overall quality of the sound is well beyond what ordinary ceiling speakers have conditioned listeners to expect. Mounted coaxial to the woofer is a 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver tweeter with a pivoting 90 x 60 Tractrix Horn that can be swiveled to focus sound where needed - a significant benefit when circumstances dictate less-than-ideal speaker positioning. A tweeter attenuation switch located conveniently behind the grille also helps tailor the SCW-2's output to the acoustics of its environment. The white frame and rustproof, powdercoated aluminum grille can be painted to match the wall; an IR punchout accepts standard infrared receivers. High-quality components and rugged construction assure long, reliable service. And the speaker's 8-ohm impedance is compatible with all amplifiers.


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