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Product Image
Monster Cable M Series Subwoofer Cable
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MSRP  150.00
Description: Ultra-High Performance, Low Noise Powered Subwoofer Interconnect with Y-Adapter <br> <br>Eliminating Subwoofer Noise is a Tough Job, Even for a High Performance Cable. Subwoofers often emit buzzes and hums that get louder as you increase the volume. And, the bass often sounds distorted, less powerful and precise than what you'd hear in a movie theatre. <br> <br>Most cable, even if it's a high performance cable, isn't designed for subwoofers. They can't reject the electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference that causes common subwoofers buzzes and hums. In fact, they often attract noise, especially over longer cable runs. <br> <br>If you are using a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound processor, the noise severely compromises the performance of the unit's dedicated Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel, so you're not getting all the bass performance that's possible. <br> <br>Monster's MSB1000SW Maximizes Subwoofers Performance & Reduces Noise. Monster's advanced TriPole™ construction features three high purity conductors tightly twisted in a unique helical configuration, which greatly reduces the sensitivity to magnetic noise sources like power transformers and power cords. <br> <br>Unlike many audio interconnects that only utilize foil shielding, MSB1000SW features high density double shielding for maximum rejection of high and low frequency interference, even over long runs. So, you can place your subwoofer far away in the corner of the room, and not worry about unwanted noise. And, because MSB1000SW greatly reduces subwoofer noise, your Dolby Digital's LFE channel can deliver low frequencies with ultimate power, precision, and clarity. <br> <br>If you use, or plan to use, a stereo subwoofer in your home theatre, we've included a precision, 24k gold contact Monster Y-adapter which accurately splits and transfers the audio signal for stereo subwoofer hookup. <br> <br>Take Your Home Theatre To the Next Level <br>No noise. No hassle. Only the best subwoofer performance possible. Pick up MSB1000SW today and experience the movie magic you've been missing. <br>


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