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Audioplan UIC 88 A
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Description: MusiCable UIC 88 A is the new reference cable in the MusiCable series in which our entire experience from 25 years of cable development has flown. The advanced development of the CRC technology is the essential factor which has substantially contributed to the improved sound and more natural music reproduction. UIC88A can be optically distinguished from other MusiCables by the new braided jacket. Its mechanical and electrical properties are exactly matched to the inner design and thereby play a role in the outstanding final results. This cable features WBT silver plugs as standard, which excellently suit the sound of this flexible cable. <P> <LI>Capacitance: 315 pF/m <LI>Inductance: 0.13 µH/m <LI>Loop resistance: 0.023 Ohm/m <LI>Exterior dim.: 11.5 mm <LI>Applications: High-level, preamp/power amp, digital connections and post active phono stage <LI>Assembly: Symmetrical and asymmetrical <LI>Connections: WBT-0152AG* Cinch or Neutrik XLR *Cu = solid copper, AG = solid silver <LI>Cable length: All practical lengths


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