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Marantz PM11S2 Reference Series
0 Reviews
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MSRP  3999.99
Description: Reference Series Integrated Amplifier 100 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms; 200 watts RMS/channel into 4 ohms,6 RCA audio inputs including MM/MC phono input, plus 1 balanced XLR input <P> Ultimate finesse often starts with brute over-engineering. At least, that's the case with the Marantz PM-11S2 Reference Series integrated amplifier. The power supply, that critical stage that provides operating voltages for every circuitry stage, features a massive toroidal transformer newly configured for minimum mechanical vibration. Completely covered by an aluminum case, and mounted to the chassis on its own 10mm-thick aluminum base, this multiple-secondary device weighs 14.5 pounds in itself. Another power supply design element is a choke input using a large capacitor to eliminate high frequency noise. Schottky barrier diodes in the rectifier section provide high instantaneous current capability and quicker response than conventional circuit elements.


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