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Product Image
Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Rear Speaker
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Description: If you are serious about sound, but restricted by cost, there is no other choice! Make no mistake - the Diamond 8 Series dont just lead the class, they completely redefine it! Theres not much to say about the Diamond 8 Series that hasnt already been said. The hi-fi products of the decade - (HiFi World). The most amazing loudspeakers for 25 years - (Ken Kessler). Instantly sets the level to which all rivials must now aspire - (Gramophone). The Wharfedale Diamond Series have totally redefined the expectations at the price. No longer will sloppy drive units, poor build and single wire terminals suffice - even in budget loadspeakers. Our Diamond 8 is nothing short of a revolution in audio. Our unique bi-directional KEVLAR weave creates a cone that can start and stop in an instant - for detail and resolution that will amaze even the most sceptical listener. Coupled with the most refined Ferro-fluid cooled, neodymium powered, textile tweeter in its class, this range has it all - detail, dynamics, one of the most ip


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