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Product Image
Altec Lansing MZX126W
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  16.00
Description: It s your music that defines you who you are. Always on, always playing. The pulse of your life, the beat through your veins - your sound is part of your DNA. Your anthems are yours alone, your playlist is unique and MuzxDNA gives you the tools to feel the emotion, to express your style. For the highs and for the lows, there s something for every sound. However you listen to your music, whatever songs you re made of, feel it with MuzxDNA earphones. <ul> <li>Superior sound with enhanced deep bass</li> <li>SnugFit design for extreme comfort</li> <li>Low profile design perfect</li> <li>Single cable, round the head wear</li> </ul>


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