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GoVideo DDMDV 7000 Dual Deck VCR VCRs

0/5 (0 Reviews) MSRP : $1699.95

Product Description

- Direct mini-DV, S-VHS, VHS tape playback
- Supports mini-DV, S-VHS, VHS format
- One-touch editing of mini-DV / S-VHS tapes without cable connections
- DA4 head helical scan system
- Super VHS Expansion Technology for recording S-VHS quality on standard VHS tape
- Digital Video to S-VHS and S-VHS to DV recording and editing
- 8-scene copy and edit with optional digital special effects
- Digital AV tracking
- Time Base Corrector
- Front panel i-link connector for use with Mini DV camcorder
- S-video, composite video and component video outputs
- Rear AV inputs and gold-plated front inputs
- Multi-brand TV/cable box compatible remote
- PC link for advanced applications

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