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Product Image
Yamaha YHT-893 Theater System
0 Reviews
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MSRP  800.00
Description: Impeccable HD system performance and full 7.1-channel surround sound - the YHT-893 from Yamaha. First off, HDMI v1.4 inputs and outputs are not only ideal for transmitting Full HD Blu-ray and 3D video, but thanks to audio-return-channel capability, they let you send audio upstream from your HDTV to the receiver for playback on the included 7.1-channel speaker system. Speaking of audio, integrated Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD MA decoding unlock the studio-original audio found on Blu-ray Disc, and the 7.1-channel, 630W speaker system with 100W subwoofer combines large woofer and tweeter drivers for an immersive, theater-like listening experience. Look to the included iPod dock for fast access to your favorite playlist, and to YPAO technology for audio performance tailored to your living rooms acoustics.


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