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MSRP  300.00
Description: This is an RCA Home Theatre system designed to simplify your life. Not only will you enjoy 650-Watts of audio power when listening to your favorite music, it will also enhance your movie-viewing experience with the DVD player. Packed with 650-Watts of total power, this system includes Dolby Digital® Surround to recreate an incredible theatre experience, Dolby® Pro Logic II which creates a multi-channel 5.1 surround sound experience and DTS™. The audio power of this Home Theatre System will be enjoyed when listening to your favorite MP3s, CD-R, CD-RW, Audio CDs, DVDs or AM/FM stations. To make life even simpler, this system uses the EZ Use Feature Set which includes a Quick Connect Guide, Color-Coded Wiring, Color-Coded Speaker Terminals, and Speaker Hanging Capability. The front panel connections further ease the connection of your camcorder, video game or MP3 player.


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