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Product Image
Panasonic SC-HT67
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  219.00
Description: Designed for the bookshelf in your bedroom, dorm room or office, the SC-HT75 consists of DVD player, two powered front L/R speakers, two surrounds, a center speaker and subwoofer. Elegant silver player/control center includes a Dolby Digital surround sound processor, amplifiers for the center and surround channels, and an AM/FM tuner. Play up to five movies consecutively, or hours of music with out any repeat, Just add a Television for a complete entertainments system at great savings! Special functions include Dialogue Enhancer and Super Surround mode. The wood-finished, video-shielded main speakers look great perched on a desk, dresser or bookshelf. The center and surround satellite speakers can be wall-mounted using the keyhole slots. All 5 speakers are voice-matched for seamless, wraparound home theater sound.


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