Infinity Systems BETA 50 Home Theater in a Box

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PSB T55 vs Infinity Beta 50's

I'm thinking of upgrading my front speakers. Originally I was going to go with the Infinity Beta 50's so they would match my beta 20's for voicing etc and move the 20's to the rear. My favorite dealer suggest that I look at the PSB T55's also. I am going to audition them this weekend but I though ... Read More »

What can I compare Infinity Beta 50's to?

I'm in the market for a pair of Audio only Floor standing speakers, preferably Beech color or else i'll need a larger amp to drown out the wife. I currently have a pair of Klipsch 2-way, 8" woofer, tweeter and a passive in the back. These sound good but they don't look good where i'll be putting the ... Read More »

Infinity Beta 50's VS Klipsch SF-3

I1/3/2005 I am soon to buy a New Stereo system and am over looking Infinity Beta 50's VS Klipsch SF-3 speakers. I am considering buying one of these different sets of speakers. My mind is open and would consider other choices as well. I will need a complete system including receiver and CD player a ... Read More »

Infinity BETA 50 Question/Problem

I just recently bought a pair of infinity BETA 50 fronts and I notice that during movies, music, and even the test tone that the left speaker is not as loud as the right speaker. I am powering the speakers with my Yamaha HTR-5790 a/v receiver. Is this a wiring issue, speaker issue or something else? ... Read More »

Infinity beta 50 vs Paradigm Monitor 7

I had a listen to Infinity beta 50 at CC the other day. I must say that I am quite impressed with the smooth vocal music reproduction on the beta 50. I'm also impressed with the bass reproduction - clear and controlled. I had not have the time yet to listen to the same vocal music on Paradigm Mon ... Read More »


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