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Product Image
Denon S301 Theater System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  1600.00
Description: "Denon's S-301 packs exceptionally clear DVD playback and room-filling sound into a smart, user-friendly design. This stylish system uses Dolby? Virtual Speaker technology to produce surround-like audio effects with just two speakers and a subwoofer. You get remarkably simple setup and operation, along with some special conveniences ? like a front-panel connection that enables the '301 to play and control your iPod. This four-piece system is simple to hook up. Since there are no rear speakers, you don't have to run wire to the back of your room. Color-coded speaker jacks make for goof-proof connections. Plus, the speakers come with table stands, or you can wall-mount them for an elegant, space-saving setup ? a perfect complement to today's flat-panel TVs."


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