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Product Image
Toshiba SD-P2000 8.9 in. Portable DVD Player
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MSRP  33.00
Description: Movie and music lovers, rejoice! This Toshiba SD P2000 DVD player delivers everything you've been dreaming of. 16:9 polysilicon TFT display is perfect for viewing standard, letterbox, and anamorphic DVD movies. Parallel video output lets you connect your player via composite, S-video, and/or interlaced component video outputs and watch simultaneous images from each connected TV. Enjoy 2-channel playback of DVD-audio titles encoded with higher resolution audio than standard CDs and expanded multi-channel effects. This 'total immersion' experience can include text (song lyrics), still pictures (slide show), and moving visuals (music video). First Setup menu - a unique user interface, first offered by Toshiba - insures instant compatibility with connected television sets. Superb performance and comfort - that's what marks this DVD player.


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