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Product Image
Samsung DVD R2000 DVD Player Recorder
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Description: Designed for premium digital A/V systems, the DVD-R2000 features Progressive Scan which delivers extraordinary picture quality. By scanning all 480 lines in one pass the resultant images are high density and flicker free and unaffected by subject movement. Superior sound quality is enhanced with a Dolby Digital Encoder and Samsung's unique LSI.<br><br>- High Quality Audio and Video Recording On DVD-RAM.<br>- Easy To Use Menu with One Touch Record, Program Navigator and Play List Configuration.<br>- Advanced Playback functions Using Multiple Optical Formats (DVD, Audio-CD, Video-CD, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R).<br>- DVD RAM Discs are Compatible with A/V Systems and PC Equipment.<br>- Joystick Multi Remote Control with Jog/Shuttle.


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